Amazing Custom Suncatchers
 by Julia Dressler

               Suncatcher Order Form         

                            Suncatcher Order Form        

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Ship to:




City, State &  Zip Code ____________________________________________




Qty          Size                                  Photo  description_________ Price @                             Total                

______2x3 rectangle____________________________$16.00_________$___________

______3" circle________________________________$18.00_________$___________


______3" square________________________________$18.00_________$___________


______3x4 rectangle____________________________$24.00_________$____________

______4x6 rectangle____________________________$29.00_________$___________

______4" Heart________________________________$32.00_________$___________

Please use this space for any additional instructions, or to order suction cups @ $.25 




$7.75  USPS Prioriy mail shipping for the first piece and $.25 for each additional one shipped
together Shipping________$____________


Paid by;        Check enclosed_______

                        Pay with__ Visa __Master-card__ American Express__Discover

                       acct#_______________________  exp. date_________  *ccv number_________


                      Printed Name on Card________________________________

                     ____Paid with paypal--at 

 We can turn your own photo's into sun catchers of any size.  All you need
is a good quality photo (well focused, with preferably some contrast in the
body of the photo) which you can e-mail or text to me, or send in the mail  (I return
 your photo with the sun catcher, in about one week).  Please include what
size and shape you would like to have.  We can shrink or enlarge the photo
to fit the glass. We can also add a name or date to the piece, at no charge. 
We can also repair minor tears or bends if it is an old photo, and in most cases
there is no extra charge for this.  Black and whites also do very well. 
The prices for the sizes are listed below, please be sure to include a
payment for the price of the sun catcher(s), along with $7.75 shipping
for the first piece, and 25 cents for each additional piece shipped together.
If e-mail is easier for you, I do accept PayPal, at  , I can also send you a PayPal invoice at your request,
I also accept Visa/Master-card, American
Express and Discover,  but I would suggest you call with the credit card 
number, for safety reasons, or you could just print the order form below
and drop it in the mail.
Sorry, but we CAN NOT reproduce professional portrait photographs
without a written copyright release from the photographer or studio.

We accept  Visa & MasterCard, American Express and Discover

*ccv number is the three digit number on the backside of the signature line on Visa and MasterCard or on the front of AX


Blank Form

Click Edit Form to add form elements. You can enter a form description and instructions here.

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